At Harmony Innovation Hub, we are setting the center stage for youth empowerment and putting in the hard work to make your dreams come alive. We believe dreams can come true and visions can become reality, businesses can thrive and make a difference in the world through technology and mentorship.

Technology has a huge role to play in the businesses and companies of the future. This is why, as part of our mission to get you ready for 2021, we are hosting a free technical skills hands-on session for two weeks on how to get started on all those entrepreneurial and capacity building endeavors you need to thrive. There are limited seats available.

The program focuses on the impact of technology on businesses and startups in the Nigerian ecosystem. It will show you how to effectively put the right frameworks in place to get your business technology right and afterward, match you with a mentor who will provide guidance and support as you grow and evolve your business.

The program consists of a two-week training period in the form of virtual one-on-one sessions with expert and experienced instructors and startup founders who will share their experiences, insights, and advice while providing you with a platform to launch.

In order to optimize your learning experience, only twenty (20) applications will be received for this cohort. Sign up now to reserve a (virtual) seat.


  1. Understand the place of technology in every business plan/idea.
  2. Discover the process that enables entrepreneurs with limited resources to transform a small idea into a sustainable success using technology
  3. Understand and apply fundamentals of technical thinking across disciplines and as a means of personal development

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