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About Us

At Harmony Innovation Hub , we believe dreams can come true visions can become reality, Businesses can thrive and make a difference in the world through technology. So be Passionate, be Driven , be Dedicated and most importantly believe the difference starts with YOU .

To drive entrepreneurship through technology based innovation, capacity building and skills acquisition across all sectors of the economy

An increase in sustainable economic growth

 To instill courage, innovation, passion, Respect for self and others, Integrity and Collaboration

    1. To advocate for the empowerment of the development of human, institutional and organizational capacities and capabilities
    2. To design programs and provide training that promote effectiveness and sustainability in our community
    3. To provide an enabling environment where industry clusters can interact and thrive
    4.  To promote creativity and talent development
    5. To build entrepreneurial capacity
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myclinic.ng is an online platform that enables anyone from anywhere to see and talk to a doctor at anytime either using the mobile app. myclinic.ng thus minimize self-treatment and self-medication by providing quick and easy access to qualified medical practitioners


Rural Farmers Hub is a private e-Extension Service provider, that help farmer organisations and Extension Agents support their farmers with better farming decisions via satellite remote sensing or in-person.

Social Impact

Africado, a foundation that provide platforms for young people to develop, deploy, and maximize their potentials in business and leadership by building their capacity and leveraging on technology to create sustainable solutions to Africa’s most important problems.

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Our Partners

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