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The Initiative aims to increase sustainable economic growth and prosperity for women, men and children in Nigeria, by increasing job opportunities and entrepreneurial capacities of youth. Nigeria is home to more than 75 million youth, out of a population of 180 million, and has a youth unemployment rate of 35%.

Harmony Innovation hub

The Hub is dedicated to educating and empowering our community of Creatives, Technologists and Entrepreneurs





Event Management



Shared Desk, Dedicated Desk, Private Office, Pay-As-You-Go. Customers will have access to the following:

  • Partitioned office space
  • Fixed high-end work desks
  • Book shelves
  • File storage
  • Complimentary meeting room slots
  • High speed internet connection
  • Soundproof room access
  • Coffee/tea
  • Gym

Young Innovators' Club

After School Club: (8 weeks) Make the most of the afternoon after-school by signing up your kids for an hour of programming, twice a week at the HIH Centre. Designed especially for students between Primary 1 and SS3, the curriculum is crafted to help kids learn through fun, hands-on activities.

Weekend Club: (6 weeks) Can’t make time-out during the week? Sign up your 5-18-year old for 3 hours of fun and learning on Saturdays. Each lesson is project based with fun projects that allow the kids to express themselves and learn new skills to prepare them for today’s digital world.

Gap Year: (6 weeks) Specially designed for teens who have completed secondary school and have few months or a year before starting at a university. Choose one of 2 tracks and kick-start their careers and maximise the time they have before undergraduate life begins.

Delivery Factory

Our key objectives are:

  • To promote creativity, develop talents and build entrepreneurial capacity of Innovators to run a sustainable enterprise
  • To provide an enabling environment where innovators, entrepreneurs, market enablers and industry clusters can interact and thrive
  • To improve the potentialities of youths and young people with the view to enhance their productivities so that youths and young people can support their own entrepreneurial skills
  • To advocate for the empowerment for the development of Human, institutional and organizational capacities of the youths and young people at all levels for their effectiveness and sustainability in their workplace in Nigeria and abroad.

Value Proposition

To provide friendly and well-equipped facility, where innovators can validate their business ideas, learn, research, work, network and meet investors.

Youth Empowerment Programme

Entrepreneurship for MSMEs, Resident startups, Affiliate startups, colocation.

The Innovation Hub is currently accepting applications for the following programs: Resident Startups, Affiliate Startups and Co-location Companies.

Harmony-techpreneur: The Harmony-techpreneur works with secondary school to provide specialized business and ICT training in preparing the students for the business world. 

Summer of Code: The HIH Summer of Code is a 4-week summer programme; one of to introduce young people aged 5-18 to computer programming. Through the Summer of Code, kids will learn new skills and tools to express their creativity. 


Harmony Innovation Hub (HIH), as incubation and acceleration centre.
HYEI provides youths with access to training, coaching and mentoring to become successful entrepreneurs.
“Best of Breed” innovative managers with over 25+ years proven track record in Europe and North America.
HYEI provides seamless support for Nigeria together with our partner, HWI Canada

Entrepreneurs – Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Financial Strategy Consulting

We give our clients viable financial options, objective, answers and focus hard on the best opportunities.

  • Business Strategy Consulting

We consider all the drivers of change – from the ground up, and we’ll motivate and support you to make the change.

  • Business Turn Around

We have put in place a comprehensive Consulting and advisory structure and training module that is aimed at helping you improve all areas with attendant positive impact on your productivity.

  • Training and Capacity Building

We are well trained and versatile professional facilitators employing some of the best and revolutionary training aids, methods and techniques to deliver our modules

  • Vision and Business Process Alignment

We bridge the yawning gap between identified potentials of people and organization and the attendant productivity from them

  • Team Building

We help organizations in building an effective team to increase performance

  • Managing Change

We help organizations in managing change owing to growths and other factors

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Harmony Innovation serves as a Resource Center by setting up a standard and active research and development unit, e.g well-equipped library. Our covers training and all. Sign-up today for our training