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Our Approach

The Harmony Innovation Hub is operated by Harmony Youths Empowerment Initiative (HYEI) with a clear objective of managing the hub, attracting youth with skilled talents, venture capital and entrepreneurs, promoting the activities of the hub and helping organizations locate, expand or maintain their operations within the hubs.
It has been setup as a not-for-profit company with the responsibility for the development and management of land and property for each hub. It would also be responsible for encouraging entrepreneurship and technology transfer, business development and incubation, marketing and international networking.

Our Story

Harmony innovation Hub serves as Youth centres and boot-camps for entrepreneurs; guiding them from Idea conception to product (marketplace). This is a technology-driven entrepreneurship Program. We train on entrepreneurial Skills, business law, growth strategies, financing and profitability.
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    Thriving Business

    Providing the ingredients to accelerate ideas, to tackle intractable social challenges and for business to succeed

  • 2


    Localising and promoting innovation culture

  • 3


    Attracting, retaining and building talent

  • 4


    Supporting diffusion of the benefits of tech into the wider economy

  • 5

    Closing Loopholes

    Plugging gaps in the innovation infrastructure and environment

  • 6


    Facilitating ecosystem growth and the collision of ideas

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